3g USB dongle (Huwaei) Mobile Partner Software setttings for different UK networks

I write the following post based on my experience, if there is any mistake, please kindly email me at sales@kingmobilephone.com and I will then amend it.

After you have unlocked your dongle, in order to use the dongle on a new network provider, you need generic Huawei internet Connection software.

Download it here ->  Huwaei Mobile Partner Software

Note: At the moment, the Huawei Mobile Partner Software only works on Window XP, Vista or Window 7.

if you are using Mac Computer, follow this link


Open the software and input the new service provider internet settings, here I use a O2 UK as example ( I use dynamic APN, but if dynamic APN doesn't work to you, try the static APN option).

- Acess point is always *99# or *99***1#
- APN box, you can leave it blank (if it doesn't work, then you will have to type in the APN info I listed below)

datacard APN setting 1

 Press SAVE

datacard APN setting 2

Press connect = DONE

Common use APN setting

Username: web
Password: web
Username: leave blank
Password: leave blank
APN:  mobile.o2.co.uk
Username: web
Password: web
APN: general.t-mobile.uk                   
Username: leave blank
Password: leave blank
APN: three.co.uk
Username: leave blank 
Password:leave blank
If the above settings dont work, try using the APN without a username and password
Companies such as ASDA, Tesco, Virgin Mobile etc who re-sell the above networks under their own brand will usually have a different APN e.g. ASDA (who use Vodafone) is ‘asdamobiles.co.uk’. Please contact the operator for details or check their website.
also, a good website here


For how to erase those old branded connection software in your dongle, so that you can replace the branded dongle software with the generic software (mobile Partner) software. Also, the firmware upgrade procedures



great usefulthanks to all of

great usefulthanks to all of u

Thank you, it worked very

Thank you, it worked very well with my Vodafone sim in an unlocked 3mobile dongle (Huawei E353). The Huawie Mobile Connect programme is anything but intuitive!

Best regards

great work really thanks to

great work really thanks to all of u...

hi i have a huawei E153 modem

hi i have a huawei E153 modem using warid telecom. can i use that software (huawei mobile partner) for MTN.?

Hi ,I have an E122 which was

Hi ,I have an E122 which was locked to 3 network from Ireland. I managed to get it unlocked but am having problems using other network sim card. I inserted an O2 broadband sim card and it does not show signal strength and also when I contacted both O2 and 3 in Ireland, they cant help. Worst is 3 said they don't deal with issues like this. O2 was willing to help with settings,if their dongle was used(i.e software of the E122). Please can you help me in this matter,because I will be leaving Ireland and would like to sort it out before I go.

have u download and use the

have u download and use the Huwaei Mobile Partner Software ?

cos the 3 software on your E122 will no longer work with the O2 sim.

another thing is did u check if the E122 supports the GSM frequency on O2 network in your country ? cos if your E122 dongle doesn't support the GSM frequency of the network, it will not pick up any signal.

Hi,Thanks for your reply,yes

Hi,Thanks for your reply,yes I have the mobile partner software because O2 uses it. I see you mentioned the 3 software wont work for the O2 sim. Is there anyway I can delete that software and upload a general one? Or which other network will work on it?

The E122 supports GSM frequency because I noticed that, when I insert the O2 sim and plug it in the laptop, the light blinks from green to blue, which indicates it picks up the signal.

Mike 16:02:53 I have a

Mike 16:02:53

I have a Vodafone E172 USB dongle and want to use a 3 mobile microsim in it. I have a sim holder so it fits in , but i suspect i need to unlock the usb device ?

admin 16:04:11

u can try to put 3 sim and use the software here


if it's locked, it will ask for an unlock code..

if it's unlocked, it will show signal and u can use the modem without unlock (just need the settings as mentioned in the post

Mike 16:04:58

ok will try ... thanks

Thank you so much, worked a

Thank you so much, worked a dream. Well done

Dialog Connection APN Number

Dialog Connection APN Number And User Name

Hi, I have done all of the

Hi, I have done all of the above and trying to get my E160e working on Three. When I try to connect I get the message: "you can't connect before register an avabiable network." I have put the three.co.uk into APN



Paul Some pay as y go sims


Some pay as y go sims are restricted for using the internet. Give three a call and register your sim on their internet package.


Hi Ben, My Three sim is on a

Hi Ben,

My Three sim is on a contract Data package.
I have it working in my Three dongle and my old
voda dongel, but got this E160 so i can connect a
external antenna for my mobile internet in my truck.


Hi KingMobile Excellent

Hi KingMobile Excellent site. Wonder if I might ask a question of you?

I have windows 7 64 Bit which does NOT recognise the O2 E160 Huwaei dongle which I bought in the UK. I was on business in Germany and bought an o2 SurfStick which is the Huwaei E1550 which worked perfectly in Germany (although the software was German!).

Is there any way to get this surfstick replaced with the original Huwaei dashboard and be able to use it on O2 with the sim that came with the E160? Problem that I foresee is that the Sim is a PAYG sim and I am not sure that topping up will work.

Dave Morgan

Dave, you can certainly

Dave, you can certainly unlock your O2 german E1550 dongle with the unlock code. I am afraid at the moment, we have not got any original firmware (dashboard) for E1552 yet, but you can still use your dongle with other networks using the Huwaei Connection Manager Software (It's called Mobile Partner Software).

Basically, you install the mobile partner software, input the new network settings and you can use it right away. The german branded O2 software which installed in your dongle by default will still pop up on screen, but you can just close the program and it won't affect the connection at all. Hope this info helps Ben

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