Sony Ericsson Orange UK Unlock Code (NCK Code)

unlock code: We send you the unlock code by email where you input the unlock code to the phone to get phone unlocked.
What we require from you: Your Phone IMEI , Your Phone Model
Delivery time: 7 to 10 working days

Press * # 06 #

Eg. Sony Ericsson W995

Support Models: Sony Ericsson C702 C703 C901 C902 C903 C905 C510 G502 G700 G705 G900 K310 K320 K530 K550 K630 K610 K618 K660 K770 K790 K800 K810 K818 K850 K858 S500 X10 (X10i) T650 T658 T700 T707 T715 TM506 W200 W300 W508 W580 W595 W610 W660 W705 W710 W715 W760 W810 W830 W850 W880 W888 W890 W902 W910 W908 W950 W958 W980 W995 V630 V640 Z530 Z610 Z710 Z750 Z770 Z780

Q: Is it hard for the unlock instructions ?

A: It's very easy and straight forward, here is an example for what you will get from us for the Sony Ericsson unlock code and instructions:

Good news, we have found you the unlock code, please see below instruction and code
1) remove the sim card from phone
2) turn on the phone
3) Press < * * < (while < means push the joystick to the left , for PDA Eg. P990i phone, < means to rotate the wheel down a little bit> 
4) You will see a LOCKED padlock, press YES / Confirm 
5) Input following code: [ 1177173632822169]
6) Once the code is input, you shall see "Network Unlocked" 
7) Phone is now unlocked

For X10, the instruction is different, follow this link

How to input Sony Ericsson X10 unlock code

Q: Will I get a refund it the code doesn't work ?

A: All unlock codes is from the network provider database. It is 99.9% work, the only possibility we found the code is not working is if the network provider puts the wrong code in their database, so what if I am the unlucky 0.1%  ?
As long as you give us a video showing your IMEI and unlock code & error message, we will FULL REFUND your money. The reason for that is we also need a proof so that we can get a refund from our code suppliers.

Fantastic, arrived in 7 days


Fantastic, arrived in 7 days as per the stated time of 7-10 days.

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Fantastic, arrived in 7 days


Fantastic, arrived in 7 days as per the stated time of 7-10 days.